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Pechera Necklace

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Pechera This beautiful necklace / choker features Huichol art design 


-The necklace is designed to fit around the bottom of the neck and adorn the upper chest area around the collarbone.


-Elaborated with a traditional technique of freehand beads.


-The work of the grain is made with highly resistant synthetic yarn.




History for this piece:

The Huichols are indigenous who live mostly in the mountainous areas of northern Jalisco and part of Nayarit in central northern Mexico. They have retained their roots virtually intact (despite Spanish colonization) due to their isolation in rugged mountains, they have maintained their system of ancient beliefs better than any other indigenous group in Mexico; Their crafts have in common the colorful decoration using symbols and designs that date back centuries!

The jewelry made with beads of chaquira is a very important element in the clothing of the Huichols, they use both women and men, especially certain necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Huichol art and crafts are world renowned. Creating trends that shape the artistic work along with tradition. Necklaces made with chaquiras with different motifs of flower, hikuri or better known as peyote, (sacred medicine of the village Wixarika or Huichol). This type of visionary art takes long hours of work weaving the chaquiras in a special and colorful combination. Product made by hand by artisans from the Huichol community.