The inspiration of each and everyone of our pieces

On each brand, the creative and innovation process is one of the most important things to have, since its growth and positioning in people's taste depends on it. In the case of Sololi , this process involves great work, to bring you the best of Mexican culture in pieces loaded with meaning.

 It goes without saying that us as  , Owner and Designers of Sololi , are involved in all the process and creation of each piece that goes far beyond what is indicated by trends or fashion elements.

 For us  , the main source of inspiration comes from the constant search of new shapes and images that adapt to the every piece format, always giving it that touch of artistic fusion that identifies Sololi.

 Like, in each new creation we seeks to give it that characteristic touch of the brand that mixes Mexican traditions and craftsmanship in pieces that convey a meaning beyond its form, through the selection of amulets and sacred symbols that adapt to Sololi.

Always looking for new artistic horizons, we plans to include other artisan techniques in new designs that reflect the traditions and living of all the different ethnic groups in Mexico, in order to publicize the artistic work of the artisans of Mexico.


Visit our online store, and discover the creations that are born from all our inspiration. 

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