When appreciating each of the creations of Wixárika art, the first thing that stands out is its beauty and bright colors, managing to reflect in each of them the soul of a people.


In the pieces made by the craftsman, there is a representation of their roots and customs. this way, the interpretation of the colors expresses their identity and illustrates a story linked to their mystical vision. According to the wixárika culture, this quality in their art is due to the fact that, in their worldview, it is through colors that the gods communicate with men.


Managing to capture these unique experiences using bright, intense and phosphorescent dyes in every detail, which are reflected in paintings, sculptures and Jewelry.


Needless to say, that in the colorful creations of the imaginary of a town, which illustrate its history with vibrant hues, it is possible to discover a world and soul of its creators, in each color and each design made by the hands of the artists.


Within the artistic interpretation, five basic colors stand out, the same as corn, its main food, which are: yellow, blue, red, white and black. The same ones that have transcended and preserved over time, each artisan manages to reflect their daily life by making pieces with different materials where the colors and shapes have a particular beauty.


The technique of this mixture of colors lives on in its traditions, the symbols and shapes still retain their originality. In a way of mixing their roots with the new world, these creations stand out, these wonderful and colorful pieces have the function of showing a living culture.


Each piece contains a piece of there life and culture. Wixárika art is the art of color.


Visit our online store and discover the explosion of colors that connects us with the soul and worldview of our people in each piece.


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