Sololi Originality

Originality, the hallmark of, Sololi


Expressing the mystique of ancient cultures through the aesthetics of our pieces and contemporary design. We live in the constant search to enhance our creativity, creating beautiful pieces that manage to capture magic and color in every detail through the combination of textures, new and unusual designs that maintain the essence and elegance that distinguish us, characterizing us for being innovative in color. , design and concept of our crafts.


Our spontaneity’s arises from the idea of offering unique pieces, designed and created in conjunction with talented artisans that allow us to reflect  beautiful art, In the process of making the pieces, ideas emerge that awaken new approaches and combinations, which undoubtedly manage to stand out and surprise us, likewise, using different textures and colors that exceed our expectations. Where our goal is to provide a unique and authentic style with exclusive designs in each of our pieces, which we use an expression.


Visit our online store and discover the magic that characterizes us in each of our designs. Website


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