Sololi Oaxaca Recycle Plastic Totes

Sololi Oaxaca 100%  Recycle Totes  

Our Sololi Oaxacan totes are handwoven plastic handbag In Mx the loom is an essential tool for artisans that lets them share their way of seeing the world, through the weaving colors and the patterns they use. Our Oaxacan plastic woven handbags are 100% recycle plastic and handwoven by Prisoners in local jails of Oaxaca they craft each bag as a way to support their families by earning a fare wage for there work

The specifics are impressive: the bag is woven from a heavy duty, pliable plastic that is near indestructible. The weave is so tight, the bag is waterproof, which alone makes it unique.

 Plastics like PET most likely touch your everyday life. Polyethylene Terephthalate, known commonly as PET or PETE is best known as the clear plastic used for water and soda bottle containers. As a raw material, PET is globally recognized as a safe, non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible material that is 100% recyclable. In fact, it’s THE most widely recycle   Plastic   in the world! (let’s keep that trend going!). PET can be identified by looking at the bottom or backs of containers for the #1 resin identification code – a symbol recognized by the #1 in the middle surrounded by “chasing arrows”.

Virgin PET, including recycle  PET , can be used for plastic water and soda bottles, food packaging for cakes, cut fruit and salads and as retail blister and clamshell packaging for cosmetics, razors and toys. It can also be found in containers for peanut butter, shampoo and salad dressings and for carpeting, clothing, sleeping bags and much, much more. PET is so prevalent that it’s important, when and where possible, to recycle it for reuse.


 Take it with you shopping to the mall,  the grocery store or farmers market. They have tons of room, they are durable, lightweight, clean easily and are fashionable. A tote is one of the most versatile bags you can own, truly grab and go.


Takes us to the Beach they are lightweight, spacious and have room for towels, snacks and all your supplies. Our unlined totes can hold damp clothes without being damaged and are easily rinsed out when you get home.


 The design  its tightly woven making them a great choice to carry books, laptops and school supplies. The handles of our tote bags are part of the bag itself making them very sturdy.


 Sololi Oaxaca Totes are the best best Artisan Tote there fun and fashionable. Many of our tote bags. Our totes come in different sizes with colorful designs and attractive patterns. Grab a tote as you head out the door for the day. Be prepared to tell people where you bought it, they’ll ask.


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