“Passport to Purpose: A Latina Digital Creator’s Inspiring Odyssey”

Meet Ivy, the radiant soul behind "Latina Chic Travels." As you immerse yourself in her tales of wanderlust, you'll feel an undeniable urge to grab your passport, pack a suitcase, and embark on your own adventure. Born into a rich Latina heritage, Ivy boldly stepped off the well-trodden path society had laid out for her, choosing to chase horizons and collect memories instead of mere possessions.

At first glance, it may seem like her travel journeys began from the serendipity of her husband's career in aviation. However, the true essence of Ivy's adventures lies not in the how or where, but in the why. With a heart full of passion and a suitcase packed smartly, she weaves stories that resonate with authenticity, teaching us how to travel with respect, intention, and a keen eye for the transformative experiences that only true immersion can bring.

Drenched in the golden hues of global sunsets and framed with the diverse landscapes of Latin America, Ivy's tales are more than just travel diaries. They're a testament to breaking barriers, challenging norms, and living every moment with purpose. Whether she's sharing nuggets of wisdom on sustainable travel, revealing her behind-the-scenes hustle, or celebrating the rich tapestry of Latin American cultures, Ivy embodies the spirit of a modern-day explorer.

But beyond the mesmerizing visuals and insightful tips, lies a deeper message – one of cultural respect, personal growth, and positive contributions. With Ivy as our guide, we're not just sightseeing; we're soul-searching. So come, let's traverse this globe together, and in the process, discover not just new places, but also new facets of ourselves. For in Ivy's own words, it's our unique stories that truly set us apart. Safe travels, explorers!

1. Origins and Passions - What first ignited your passion for traveling and exploring our world? - Can you recall a specific moment or place that made you fall in love with the journey?

"It all began when my husband was hired to work in the aviation industry. We started taking more spontaneous trips, thanks to his flight benefits, which allowed us to fly standby frequently. This led us to adjust to light packing and smarter travel. You could say that our travel style inspired my purpose on social media, which is to encourage smarter and more purposeful travel."

2. Latina Heritage - How does your Latina heritage influence and enrich your travels? - Are there traditions or values from your background that shape your travel philosophy? 
"I began breaking barriers in the sense that my travel lifestyle wasn't the norm for my family and friends. I was on the path to living according to societal expectations, which included having a career, getting married, buying a home, and having children. However, my husband and I realized that we were young. Why wait until retirement to explore the world? We decided to deviate from the norm and continue our travels. We do not regret it one bit!"

3. Traveling Smarter - What is your top advice for someone looking to travel smarter and more sustainably? - How do you prioritize purposeful and meaningful experiences over popular tourist attractions? 

Traveling smarter for me is having an efficient system when you travel so you avoid the overwhelming Experience we go through when packing or planning a trip. I offer tips as to the type of packing style I use for different weathers or trips. An advice I can give to someone who wants to reduce travel anxiety is to try researching what type of system works better for you I always say, TikTok it!, there are so many creators sharing their travel tips and honestly I myself have gotten influenced in some ways. 

Traveling sustainably can be achievable, but I would suggest starting with baby steps for beginners. A few things I do to travel sustainably as a beginner, include bringing my own reusable straw, purchasing bar shampoos/conditioner and body soap to avoid buying tiny plastic bottles, and using refillable bottles for liquid products. Another sustainable practice I follow is renting clothes, which not only saves me money and time but also allows me to have different outfits for various trips!

"I don't necessarily prioritize purposeful and meaningful experiences over tourist attractions. I balance it out. Of course, I want to see classic locations when I am in a different country, but I also look into more unique attractions to have those purposeful moments"

4. Digital Creation - With the evolving digital age, how do you stay authentic and genuine in the content you create? - How do you balance the responsibilities of being a digital creator with the joy of travel? 

"Having a hitlist is key to identifying the major areas I want to post about and making sure to add them to the itinerary. When I travel with a non-creator, it is pretty easy to achieve because it's only a quick photo or clip that I need, and we move on to the next thing. When I travel with creator friends, we have a list, and we try to complete everything at the beginning of the day so we can have the afternoon/evening to relax and enjoy. A tip I suggest is sharing a Google Maps saved list of the places you want to visit and shoot in so you plan the day to what is closer to each other and reasonable to visit. Don't forget to download the map in case you don't have service." 

5. Teaching and Inspiration- What key lessons do you aim to impart to your followers as they venture out into the world? - How do you hope to inspire others to travel with intention and purpose?

"I aim to teach my followers responsible travel and cultural respect. I inspire purposeful travel by sharing transformative experiences and encouraging personal growth through exploration and positive contributions to the places visited."
6. Challenges and Triumphs- Can you share a memorable challenge you've faced on your journeys, and how you overcame it? - What has been your most triumphant moment as a traveling digital creator? 

"2020 was a challenge; I couldn't travel anywhere. It was hard on all of us, and the uncertainty was definitely scary. When we were finally allowed to go upstate and do outdoor activities, I saw it as an opportunity to share how to travel safely. For the following two years, I continued to share how I would travel safely and what types of requirements were needed."

7. Looking Forward - As you look ahead, where do you envision your travel journeys taking you next? - Are there specific cultures or destinations that you are eager to delve deeper into? 

"A bucket list destination for me is Guatemala. I want to make it a 2-week trip because there is so much to do, but it's a destination I plan on visiting soon, hopefully. I love visiting Latin America; it's very intriguing to see the differences between each country and culture, as well as the similarities we all share. I find it fascinating. My favorite trips have been in LATAM we have so much beauty and different things to do."
8. Making an Impact - How do you ensure your travels positively impact the communities you visit? - What steps do you take to ensure you're leaving a place better than you found it? 

I love finding women-owned or small businesses and sharing them in my travels and to me that is making an impact on the communities I visit. 
9. Behind the Scenes - What's one thing that people might be surprised to learn about your life behind the camera? - How do you handle the moments of solitude and introspection during your travels?

"It's not a surprise because I've definitely talked about it on my platforms, in panels, and when meeting creators. I have worked on a lot of things, including walking dogs, freelancing with a PR agency, and handling social media for other businesses, campaigns, and more!"

10. Reflections - If you could give advice to your younger self, just starting out on this journey, what would it be? 

"Share your story and stick to it because that is what makes you different from everyone else." 

As the sun sets on our journey with Ivy, we are reminded that the world is not just a collection of maps, pins, and checklists, but an ever-evolving tapestry of experiences, cultures, and connections. Travel isn't merely about the destinations we reach but the horizons we expand within ourselves. Let Ivy's adventures serve as a gentle nudge, urging us all to step out, breathe deeply, and embrace the infinite wonders awaiting us. For every winding path holds a story, every local smile a lesson, and every sunset a promise of a new dawn.

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So, let's lace up our shoes, set forth with open hearts, and chase those dreams that lie just beyond the horizon. For in the embrace of the unknown, we truly find ourselves. Safe journeys to all, and may every step be a dance of discovery.

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