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Sololi Oaxaca Recycle Plastic Totes

  Our Sololi Oaxacan totes are handwoven plastic handbag In Mx the loom is an essential tool for artisans that lets them share their way of seeing the world, through the weaving colors and the patterns they use. Our Oaxacan plastic woven handbags are 100% recycle plastic and handwoven by Prisoners in local jails of Oaxaca they craft each bag as a way to support their families by earning a fare wage for there work The specifics are impressive: the bag is woven from a heavy duty, pliable plastic that is near indestructible. The weave is so tight, the bag is waterproof, which alone makes it unique.  Plastics like PET most likely touch your everyday life. Polyethylene Terephthalate, known commonly...

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My Love for San Juan Chamula Pompoms.

How amazing are the colors of our amazing pompoms there One of the many things we carry at the shop we have garlands , key chains jewelry is just amazing the variety of things they make and we only carry some of there amazing craft this family makes everything pompom related that we carry are made by this Family from San Juan Chamula, Chiapas Mexico. This is definitely a family affair I always love hearing stories how they started very young with there parents and there parents started with there parents and so on here are some pictures MR.Salvador and Mrs Martha Hernandez and there niece.They have there own work stands where they go sell there colorful pompoms that they...

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