Mazahuas Belt - SOLOLI
Mazahuas Belt - SOLOLI
Mazahuas Belt - SOLOLI

Mazahuas Belt

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Traditional Handmade Embroidery mexican wrap belt 
Ideal for a boho and vintage chic look with Folk Fabric, for everyday use or for special occasions.

The colors are fantastic and the weave in the fabric give it the distinct mexican flair.

The Mazahuas are indigenous people of Mexico, primarily inhabiting the northwestern portion of the State of Mexico and small parts of Michoacán and Querétaro. The largest concentration of Mazahua is found in the municipalities of San Felipe del Progreso and San José del Rincón of the State of Mexico. There is also a significant presence in the Districto Federal, Toluca and Guadalajara.

Pair it with just about anything. Be wild & Free!
Please note, since this piece is made by hand there may be some imperfections. Instead of viewing this as a mistake, let it add character to the piece. Additionally, the dimensions may vary slightly.

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