What is Cambaya Mexicana?

Cambaya is one of Mexico most celebrated textile and is commonly associated with the state of Michoacan in western Mexico. Traditional Mexican Cambaya refers to rustic, hand-woven cotton made on wooden pedal looms. However, most Cambaya fabric in the market today are woven acrylic made to look and feel like fine cotton. 


Either way, Cambaya fabric is a beautiful, lightweight, and breathable fabric prized for its colourful woven designs. 

Cambaya often comes in bright colors like yellow, red, pink , green ,blue even beautiful patterns like stripes or flowers definitely evoking the festive atmosphere for which Mexico is known. It is used in a wide variety of textile goods, including shawls, scarves, hair wraps, dresses, blankets, and more. For their versatility and vivid colors -

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