The Wixarika Deer Guide of the Universe

Traditions, mystical rituals and cosmogonic beliefs that enter us when living from our ancestors, are some of the characteristics that identify the Wixárika culture, which without a doubt marks a distinctive feature in the national identity of the people of Mexico.


Within customs of this ethnic group, the direct approach with deities and polytheistic beliefs stands out, granting attributes to objects and animals that carry an extensive meaning for the wixárikas; among which the deer stands out.


For this culture, it is the most sacred wixárika animal, it is the inexhaustible source of life and prosperity.

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 The legend of the blue deer, is a story that tells the way of this to Wirikuta sacred land, where accompanied by Tatewari (fire), they discovered the peyote, achieving a communion with the divine.


Year after year, the indigenous Wixárikas make a pilgrimage to this region as a commemoration of their beliefs, an opportunity that is used to reach the Nierika and as an initiation for those who wish to become Mara’akame (Shaman).


Food of the soul, energy that connects men with the center that guides the universe, the bandaged is an aminal whose represents more than you can imagine.



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