The Peyote Route

As part of the rituals and festivities that distinguish the Wixárika (Huichol) culture, the peyote route is a clear example of the peculiar celebrations that make this town unique, where the main objective is to give thanks to their ancestors for what they have received.



The indigenous Huichol Wixaritari do a annual pilgrimage to the Wirikuta desert, in the East, of San Luis Potosí to collect their ancestors: hikuri, deer and water from the springs of these sacred places.

For them the world is a great house where the forces of nature combined with their ancestors are considered as deities; "The men, originating from the sea, learned to walk through the desert under a gloomy and perpetual night, and where the gods formed the first group of jicareros to light the path of humans to the Cerro del Amanecer, the place where the sun rises" . This is the famous Wixárika cosmogony, which exposes the eternal pilgrimage of the Peyoteros, Jicareros, Mara’akame and Kawiteros to Wirikuta, Sacred Land.


According to the beliefs of the Wixaritari people, in the first pilgrimage some members of the community stayed on the road, becoming elements of nature, like the stones, hills, rocks, springs, lakes or animals became there duties and they became an essential elements to survive; water, sun, earth, fire, air, sacred animals, corn and plants destined for rituals such as tobacco or peyote. In other words, for the Huichol Indians these elements of nature are actually wise ancestors who give everything they need to live.


During the pilgrimage, the mara’akame is responsible for the well-being of the community and is the one who guides the way, having the ability to communicate with the deities, as well as who protects the spiritual integrity of the pilgrims.


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