The Art of Wearing Chaquira

Venado beaded necklace grey and black wixarika huichol Main element of the artistic composition of the wixárika (huichol) people, the chaquira (kuka), symbolizes water and is life for this culture, which to this day keeps its ancestral roots alive through the passing of the years.


Chaquira Wixarika beaded jewelry

In wixárika (huichol) art, the chaquira (beads) is compared to corn seeds, and houses extensive symbolism, which in turn is the subject of rituals that lead to purification.


In this way, the use of materials such as the chaquira sacralizes ceremonial objects and offerings, giving a value that goes beyond what is tangible to works that present this type of material.


In its beginnings, the wixárikas artisans used natural seeds for the realization of their works of art, however, over the years they evolved and began to use crystals like those that are used today.


The chaquira means life, and through its coloring, each bead shows us feelings and emotions that are born from the most sacred part of our ancestors.


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  • I am interested in a design of the deer necklace in blue and twice the size would you be able to have this made ?

    Hendrik Rabbie

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