Our Essence

The Essence of Sololi

Women have the power to change the world and achieve balance in society, they are an example of gentleness and strength that is reflected in the work they do every day. It is important to mention that the participation of women in all sectors is essential, that is why  we recognize the work carried out by our artisans and collaborators, achieving and exalting Mexican art in all its splendor. Our artisans are a fundamental piece in our colorful pieces, managing to capture their talent and creativity, which are highly valued in the world. The woman being an essential being in the realization of each artistic representation that guarantees the continuity of the balances of the cosmos and gives identity to her people. The participation of these women contributes, on the other hand, to the economic growth of their community, improving the quality of life of their families and their environment. We cannot put aside the hard work that our collaborators carry out, being a company made up mostly of women who day by day and with the work of our artisans, make it possible for you to have in your hands small manifestations of the beauty of our art. We, are in constant search to enhance the essence of women and art in each of our pieces that continues, reflecting the power and diversity that lead us to a better future.

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