Essence through Colors

Our Essence through color is characterized by being innovative and spontaneous brand, making use of techniques and colors in each of our crafts, which makes them unique pieces with deep meanings.


there are colors that  manage to capture and transmit various essences to the being. I

our color mixes, are unique designs and adapted to your own style and outfit combinations we are always seeking to attract the most positive feelings on each of our pieces so when you wear the pieces you could feel the love and soul of its creators


Here are some colors that we use in the making of our pieces and the meaning that each one means to us.


Yellow: It evokes feelings of optimism, happiness, joy.


Pink: It is a very sweet color that symbolizes love, feelings, tenderness and romanticism. Likewise, it is the color of elegance, freedom and independence.


Blue: Reflects calm, confidence, security of the person who wears it.


White: Represents purity and the spirit of being.


Red: Gives a higher vibration, is related to the power and control that is has of himself.


Black: Represents elegance, objectivity and prestige. Now you know that colors are an excellent charm to bring the energy you need.



Visit our online store and connect with the spirituality that each of our pieces gives you.


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